3 Beginner Gardening Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Heirloom Vegetable Plants

October 25 13:34 2017

Growing heirloom vegetables is easy, even for beginners!
Home and Garden America unveils the 3 most common mistakes that beginner gardeners make when growing heirloom vegetables.

Carson City, NV – October 25, 2017 – In recent times, heirloom vegetables have been enjoying an immense popularity in the organic gardening community. With their rich history and impressive flavor profiles, it’s easy to understand why gardeners are attracted to heirlooms. From pros to beginners, everyone wants to experience growing heirloom vegetable plants at home.

While heirlooms are such a treat to grow, they can be quite tricky for the beginner gardener. Home and Garden America, a Nevada-based company with an expertise in heirloom varieties, has seen so many failed heirloom gardens throughout the years.

“Heirloom vegetables are certainly enticing but there are some considerations to be made, especially when you’re still a novice. It’s essential to know the most common gardening mistakes so you can avoid a potential disaster. Once you’ve got it all down, you should be able to grow your first heirloom garden with ease,” a company official advised.

To help beginners get started, Home and Garden America has laid down the 3 most common mistakes to avoid when growing heirloom vegetable plants:

1. Planting Too Many Heirloom Varieties at Once

With all these amazing heirloom varieties on the market, it’s easy to get too excited and tempted to try everything. But this is exactly what novices should avoid. “We always tell beginners to start out small so they don’t end up overwhelming themselves. Pick a few easy-to-grow heirloom varieties first until you get the hang of it. This will give you better control over your garden,” the official suggested.

Understanding the growing conditions of each heirloom vegetable plant will also go a long way. Learning the basics such as the ideal soil temperature, plant spacing, sun exposure, water requirement and days to maturity are very important in one’s growth as a novice heirloom gardener. By starting out small and covering the basics, beginners are already one step closer to gardening success.

2. Starting with Difficult Heirloom Varieties

Truth be told, there are heirloom vegetables that are simply more challenging to grow than others. Artichoke, carrots, cauliflower, celery, eggplant, muskmelons, onion, sweet corn and sweet potatoes are notoriously tough to grow and maintain. Beginners are better off avoiding these varieties until they’re more experienced to handle them. For a productive first garden, Home and Garden America advices gardeners to choose from beans, beets, cucumbers, kale, lettuce, peas, radishes, spring onion and squashes for the best results.

3. Not Saving Heirloom Seeds

Seed saving is an integral part of heirloom gardening that many beginners seem to forget. To quote the Home and Garden America official, “If you’re not saving your heirloom seeds, then you’re really missing out on the whole experience of heirloom gardening.”

Heirloom varieties are still around today because they’ve been saved and passed down for generations. This is possible only because heirlooms are open-pollinated, which means they can inherit the original traits of their parent plants and produce true-to-type crops. By saving their own heirloom seeds year after year, novices can reduce gardening costs and become more sustainable. The process is simple: just select the healthiest and best-tasting crops, take out the seeds, let them dry and store them in airtight glass jars with clear labels.

“Do this every year and you’ll always have fresh seeds to plant for the next season,” the Home and Garden America official added.

Heirloom gardening is a rewarding experience that not only gives delicious crops but also makes a wiser gardener. By following these simple steps above, anyone can have their own heirloom heaven at home — even beginners.

More information about heirloom vegetable seeds are available at www.homeandgardenamerica.com.

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