Crypto-Loan Providing Service Bitloanex Just Launched on the 25th of December

January 02 20:37 2018

We are living in an age when the world is undergoing massive changes; and one such change is that of it becoming digitalized. It has come to a point when even the money that one uses is transforming into a more digital persona, this is of course in the form of crypto currencies.

With the possibility of crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum taking the role of all transactions in the future – there is a very imminent need for a service that provides loans to its users. Bitloanex is exactly this.

Bitloanex is a service that provides that provides Ethereum loans to its members at exceptionally low interest rates. Blockchain technology is emerging from the horizon, but for more development in this field, investments and interaction is absolutely required.

This is why services like Bitloanex are vital as one moves towards this crypto-currency focused future. It provides one with the freedom and assurance they need to maintain firm footings and a proper and stabilized stand.

They provide 0.01% daily interest on loans – and their Bitloanex Tokens are required to apply for loans and pay for interest upfront. The maximum supply of a loan is 100 million and ICO supply is 90 million, with the bonus supply being 4.5 million.

At the time of the services’ launch, the tokens will be available as low as $0.50 per token, becoming the gateway that provides access to millions who will want to attain loans through services like Bitloanex.

Bitloanex wants to not only provide effective loans at low rates, but also to simplify the entirety of the process for their customers, adding a bit of accessibility to it. Launching on the 25th of December, Bitloanex aims to be one of the most exceptional peer to peer loan services out there.

About Bitloanex:

Bitloanex is a peer-to-peer loan providing services that primarily deals in Ethereum. Bitloanex prides itself over its extremely low interest rates and with its launch aims to become one of the most accessible and well-renowned crypto currency loan services out there. They wish to become the creators of a future where transactions are more stable and users have more freedom in their abilities.

Bitloanex wants to be much more accessible too – adding a multitude of simplicity and effectiveness in the entire process. Thus, if anyone wants to attain a loan in currencies like Ethereum, they should consider contacting Bitloanex.  

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