January 02 21:02 2018

The ongoing scandals of 2017 have united and empowered women to be brave, reminding us to reflect on history’s most radical women – Nellie Bly, from ’10 Days In A Madhouse’. Watch it here: http://amzn.to/2ALkyXB

Los Angeles, CA – January 2, 2018 –

Women continue to be brave risk-takers, shaping history for a better future this New Year in 2018.

2017 has been noted as a vital year where women – actresses, comedians, world CEOs, film journalists, and neighbors – have found a strong voice both inside and outside of Hollywood’s headlines and industries.

Including the recent #MeToo campaign that went global, female participants worldwide united to empower themselves and those around them. With each female voice becoming louder and louder, these women are shaping the future of women while inspiring women worldwide to take part in the revolution.

And for the 2018 New Year, the female voice is only becoming stronger.  

Reflecting on the past’s most revolutionary women who have also shaped history and inspired women worldwide, many prominent voices come to mind, such as American poet, Maya Angelou, Civil War nurse and founder of the American Red Cross, Clara Barton, and the first-ever female journalist, Nellie Bly.

Photo: Nellie Bly

Noted as the most impressive journalist of her time, Bly was one of the world’s biggest risk-takers and adventurer with her ability to reach the top of World Newspaper under Joseph Pulitzer, reporting on New York City’s darkest secrets, atrocities, and those behind evil, as she surpassed her male peers who dominated the news industry. As well, Bly traveled around the world in 72 days. 

Written and directed by Timothy Hines (“War of the Worlds the True Story”, “Earth Angel”), “10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE” is a historical thriller, reminding us to reflect on the first-ever female journalist from the 19th-century reporter, Nellie Bly, who transformed not only the gender difference within the journalism sphere, but also inspired many women worldwide with her brave and risk-taking accomplishments. 

Despite her several historically changing accomplishments, “10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE” reflects her most impressive work during 1887, in which Bly went uncover to report on the brutal conditions of the mentally ill at women’s mental asylum, Blackwell’s Island Insane Asylum in New York City.

Based on Bly’s sensational book and exposé in “10 Days In A Mad-House” and in consultation with Brooke Kroeger, one of Bly’s modern biographers, Hines’ 2015 American biographical film, “10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE” captures the 10 awful days Bly spent undercover and locked inside Blackwell’s Island Insane Asylum. 

Speaking on her days within the institution, Bly, “but never regretted it, because her expose for Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World would shake the nation to its core. Thanks to her, the asylum was later demolished,” reported Christina Maria Paschyn in her article, “Fearless Feminist Reporter Nellie Bly Hits the Big Screen”.

I have long thought that Nellie Bly’s life story would be perfect for the big screen. You can’t get much more daring and badass than Bly. Now finally, someone else agrees! A new film called 10 Days in a Madhouse tells the incredible story of Bly’s chilling undercover investigation. Written and directed by Timothy Hines, I can honestly say this movie is a must-see. Nellie Bly’s heroism and courage truly come to life on the screen, thanks to the work of talented up-and-coming actor Caroline Barry. Barry is instantly magnetic as Bly, and it’s hard not to root for and fall in love with her character as the story progresses,” added Paschyn.  

The shocking evidence Bly uncovered and further, “10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE” exposes the brutality and violence of patients within Blackwell’s Island Insane Asylum, while shining light on world atrocities and unspoken crimes, which not only shaped today’s world in regards to how the world cares and treats the mentally ill, but also have inspired many, including many filmmakers.

New works centered on Bly are set to premiere in Hollywood within the upcoming year. Hines’ “10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE” has an all-star cast, including Caroline Barry (“Words & Actions”), Christopher Lambert (“Highlander”, “Mortal Kombat”), Julia Chantrey (“Mama”), Alexandra Callas (“A Good Day to Die Hard”), and Kelly LeBrock (“Weird Science”, “Hard to Kill”).

Watch “10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE” today on Amazon Prime: http://amzn.to/2ALkyXB.  


Watch the “10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE” trailer here: https://vimeo.com/118626005 and for more information, please visit: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3453052/.

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